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My showreel from 2018. Works include: Bus Stop Romeo, Ici/Ailleurs, Wild, A la lisière des rêves​.

Soundtrack: Love theme from Bus Stop Romeo, written by Nicholas Elmer.


Eritrea is one of the most abusive dictatorships in Africa, particularly in its oppression over journalists and an absolute control over the news, ranking worst at the world's ranking for the freedom of press. Radio Erena, the frontline of the diaspora resistance, is a pirate radio based in Paris broadcasting every day to Eritrea in the hope to inform its people kept in the dark and spark an uprise against their abusive government.

Lang: EN & Tigrinya


This multi-award winning short is a free adaptation of Oscar Wilde's poem "The Ballad of Reading Gaol". The film, produced in the UK, premiered at the Bolton Film Festival before having its international premiere at Camerimage Film Festival.

Lang: EN


Every night, Romeo listens quietly to his music while waiting for his bus, when one night Lara comes and sits to wait next to him.

The film won the Award of Excellence at the One-Reeler Competition 2018 and Best Romance at the Springfield Honor Film Festival. It was also selected for Best Romance at the Harrogate Film Festival.


The wanderings of two vagabonds and friends hustling their way to a good time and a hot meal. 

The film was made during the Geneva 48 Hour Film Project and went on to screen at the Festival Tous Ecrans (Geneva International Film Festival)​ in 2016

Lang: FR  Sub: EN


Based on the events that took place in Duncan, Oklahoma, on August 16 2013, WILD depicts the story of two teenagers who shot a young man on the street "because they were bored". 

The film went on to screen in New York as part of the New Filmmakers Competition in 2017.

Lang: FR  Sub: EN


Written and Directed by Dylan Howell, North Pier tells the story of Liam, a 14 year old lost in Blackpool, who makes an unexpected encounter while loitering about on the piers. I was editor on this movie and this is a teaser trailer I made for it. The film premiered at Bolton Film Festival.

Lang: EN


A dark comedy where a  killer struggles to get rid of a dead body.

The film won Best Picture at the Festival Haut & Court and at Léman Bleu's "Mieux vaut court que jamais" in 2016.

Lang: Silent


The aftermovie from Swiss hip-hop collective Superwak's opening gig of their XTRM tour. Its three leading members Makala, Slimka and Dimeh today rank amongst the most anticipated rap artists in French hip-hop.

Shot for Colors Label.

A Nova Lux Production production.

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